Insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, CareFirst, FEP, Medicaid, MHN and TriCare (please obtain an authorization first), and any plan that pays “out of network”.

Okay…  I’m on some insurance panels and have a negotiable “sliding-scale”. It would help a lot if you knew the co-pay amount, and if you are required to have an Authorization before we meet (usually it can be done during or just after our first appointment). Session fees and copays can be made in the office or through the SimplePractice website, or via the PayPal link on the Home Page. Please provide copay at the beginning of each session.

Note: As a provider for a specific insurer, I’ve agreed to accept the “rate” they pay for the service code.

Rates: Initial Evaluation: $180, Couples $140, Individuals $120, sliding fee tiers: $90, $65, $25 (limited number available). Missed appointment fees 50% of expected.